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Utillian 722

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4 Pre-Set Temperatures

The Utillian 722 offers four carefully selected pre-set temperatures (180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 210°C) to offer a full spectrum extraction experience for your herbs. Take the guesswork out of your session.

Boost Mode

The Boost Mode on the Utillian 722 is the perfect way to finish off your session for a full extraction. Simply press and hold the power button to engage boost mode and the 722 will heat up to 225°C. Maximum vapor, maximum extraction.

Extract Compatible

The included wax cannister for the Utillian 722 transforms this vaporizer into a competent concentrate vaporizer. Simply load your extract into the cannister and drop it into the 722. Effortless wax integration at your fingertips.

Convection Heating

The Utillian 722 uses the same convection heating technology that made the 721 so popular. Airflow on the 722 has been better calibrated for smooth draws and richer vapor. Top tier vapor quality, without the top tier pricing.

60 Minute Battery

The 722 has an impressive 60-minute battery life, offering users roughly 6 – 8 sessions before they need to recharge. The micro-USB charge port makes topping up the battery life simple and straightforward.

Single Button Operation

Using the 722 is effortless thanks to the one button design of the vaporizer. All your controls are at your fingertip. Easily turn the device on and off, swap temperatures or enable boost mode, all using the single button. Hassle-free operation.